Angel Power: How To Communicate With the Archangels

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Angels very often come to you in your dreams, but you may not recognize them or remember the dreams upon waking. To heighten your awareness of dream time communications from your angels, spend a few minutes speaking to your angels before you go to sleep. Ask your angels to visit you in your dreams and share important insights that you may need to know. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed, and upon waking try to recall your dreams. Over time, you may start receiving messages from your angels while you dream, and you will improve your ability to recall anything of importance.

For example, if you have been dreaming about someone with brown eyes , it may be a message from beyond that suggests you need to become warmer and more open to someone you love.

Archangel Michael Prayer

Sometimes your angels will try to get your attention through physical sensations like tingling, a feeling of warmth spreading over you, a light touch on your hand, a feeling of someone gently stroking your hair, or even a tangible presence in the room with you. This often happens when you are frightened or sad about something and your angels want to comfort you. When you feel sensations like these, be sure to acknowledge them.

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Your angels may also communicate in more obvious ways, like speaking directly to you. You may hear a voice, either inside your head or a voice that seems to come from outside of you, even when no one else is around. Very often this will happen when your angels need to share some vital information to keep you safe.

Related: How your dog is trying to teach you mindfulness. You may wonder if you are just imagining the voice, and you may even be tempted to dismiss it. Angels can also communicate with other sounds besides voices.

You may hear faint vocalizations that sound like angels singing, soft bells chiming, or music with no apparent source. When this happens, acknowledge it and ask your angels to make it clearer. Can you make it a little bit louder? If you are a visual person, you may see mental visions while meditating or in the last few minutes before you fall asleep. You may see swirling colors, sparkles of light, or even a clear image of one of your angels standing before you.

It is also possible to see visual phenomena in your surroundings as you go about your daily routine. You may see little flashes or streaks of light, or catch a quick glimpse of a glowing figure that looks like an angel, but it disappears when you turn to look directly at it. This usually means that you are becoming more sensitive to the presence of your angels.

They are always around you, but you may not have been tuned in enough to notice it before. Your angels may also communicate by giving you little signs or symbols throughout the day.

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These signs can vary widely, and they will usually be very personal to you. The best way to tell whether these experiences are truly signs from your angels or mere coincidence is to pay attention to how you feel. A sign from your angels will always have a strong feeling attached to it, like a heightened sense of awareness or a strong feeling that someone is trying to tell you something.

For example, you might ask your angels for advice on a particular subject before you go to work, and then one of your co-workers will utter the exact words you needed to hear. Related: Do you have a spirit animal? Your angels can communicate with you in endless ways, but the key is to simply pay attention. The more you work on heightening your awareness of your angels and following the insights and hunches you receive from them, you will become much more confident in knowing when your angels are trying to get your attention.

Below I have included a book below entitled Angels by Dr. Doreen Virtue. The question of rather whether angels are real or not is up to you.

How To Communicate With Angels And Spirit Guides

If you are a person who likes to include elements of Jungian psychology and psycho-spirituality into your daily wellness routine, this might be something you want to check out. Described as folksy and down to earth, Dr. John Moore infuses current events and pop culture into his posts as a way of communicating wider points on issues related to wellness and goal attainment.

They may become welcome friends and regular helpers to you. I felt his wings wrap around me, and when I asked for blocks to be removed, I could feel a pulling sensation as though something was being drawn out of me. I saw huge amounts of grey matter floating away, and felt lighter. The more that was taken away, the more peaceful I felt. I felt much better and more positive.

The feeling of calmness was with me for several days. I use the archangel exercise often now for clearing and inspiration. Protection, Blessings and Transformation You learn how to work with the angels and archangels in every and any area of your life.

How to Recognize the Signs of Archangel Michael

You can protect yourself, your family and your loved ones, and see your life being guided and transformed. Knowing that you are not alone, that you are guided and protected and blessed by the angels, subtly transforms the quality of your life. Stress and worry are replaced by ease and grace. Imagine the difference.

What Are Archangels?

I know they will be dealt with. I actually witness the results of this, which was unbelievable at first, but now I know it will happen. Life is so much easier for me, and I am a better person, which helps everyone whose lives I touch. Discover your true Life Path Once you are connected with the angels, they will reveal things to you about your life. You can heal areas from the past, receive revelations about your path, how you can help others, and your work in helping the earth, and be led to new beginnings.

Want to write, to heal, to help others, to do more with your life? The angels will help you, reveal your path, and show you the way. You are here to learn and grow, and to help others. The course includes special exercises to help you receive angel inspiration about your life. The angels will guide you forward in subtle or miraculous ways. Live your life as you are meant to. Learn how to Heal with Angels Are you involved in Reiki or other forms of healing? Perhaps you would simply like additional help in healing yourself? The course shows you 7 methods in which you can call on the angels to help you heal clients, family and loved ones.

Boost your healing skills. Receive messages about how to help your clients, and how to develop your healing skills and healing business further, with the help of the angels. Guided By Angels also shows you 12 methods in which the angels can help you to heal yourself. Learn how to protect yourself and clear yourself too. As angel workers, you are probably sensitive to the energies of others. You can use this for good, if you learn how to protect yourself and keep your own energy clear and good.

Your healing in all areas will be enhanced by working with the angels, and if you are a healer, they will help guide you in extending your work out into the world. I was guided to send healing towards her stomach. She told me that she had stomach problems which often kept her awake at night. She said she felt warmth and healing enter her stomach, and felt much better afterwards. A number of other clients have said that they have felt stronger energies since I started asking the angels to assist with my healing sessions.

Feel more in tune with your Soul and Spirit Many are lost and out of touch with their soul and spirit. They spend too much time in their heads, and not enough time listening to the guidance of their soul. Many times they know the answers, but do not trust enough to follow it.

7 Dynamic Ways to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

You rediscover the real you. You connect with your heart and soul and spirit, deeper than ever before. Once you are in tune with your soul and spirit, your life will inevitably take a turn for the better. You cannot find true happiness if you are lost and out of touch with your soul and spirit. On the Inner Wisdom exercise - "It was lovely - I felt so happy and loved and thought 'if ever I feel bad about myself, I just need to remember that deep down there is a lovely and loving part of me, that knows what I need and has my best interests at heart'.

1. Seeing White Or Golden Coppery Light

Now I can truly listen. Everyone I speak with recognizes that intuitive voice within, which gives us occasional messages. Sometimes we follow them and are glad we did so. We have this special gift, this friendly voice inside us, leading us to the right choices. Do you always listen? Most people I speak to say they are too busy, too tired, too stressed, to pay much attention to this voice within.