My Dog Taught Me Everything I Know

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Can I give you a kiss? Focusing completely on the other person and offering solace, whether because of a paper cut or a bad day at work, makes sense. Our dog Millie, on the other hand, has zero empathy skills. When we go for a hike Millie is the first one on the trail, leading the way and attacking hills with the agility of a mountain goat. And when it comes time to play, look out.

That devotion, the boundless love for us no matter what we might do wrong … we should all be so lucky to have a partner that views us with dog-like adoration! Dogs are loving, affectionate and everything nice and sweet but when required they know how to attack or fend for someone. Be loving but be strong when the situation demands. Raconteur, Reader, Backpacker If I were an element, I'd be radioactive. View more posts. Unconditional love does exist…. Dogs know Forgiveness… unconditional! If Loyalty had a face, it would be that of a dog. Be more playful! Be loving but keep those fangs sharp!

Five Travel Lessons My Dog Taught Me

You can only love someone dearly, but you cannot own them. This is a great example of finding the positive in the negative. And yes. Consider the probability of the BP oil spill had this concept been a little more pervasive throughout their organization. What a beautiful tribute to Sasha! Thank you for writing this post.

15 Things I Learned From My Dog

While I have cats not allowed to have dogs in our building , I find that they have some very dog-like traits. I have had a stretch of illness lately and when I am in bed because of it he comes and lays his whole body right up next to me. These cats need affection as much as we do and they are very much part of the family. I think the most heartwarming moments are when they interact with each other. They actually share food rather than fight for it.

I help you experience the best the world has to offer!

They clean each others ears, cuddle, share toys…I never get sick of watching it. Too bad not everyone is an animal lover.

7 Ways My Dog Taught Me To Be A Better Person

They are missing out. We used to have cats too, and I kind of miss them. Thank you for this great posting….. Sometimes many times the simplest things are the best.

Wanna Be Friends?

Just lost my Australian Shepard at 10 years a couple months ago. He did teach me so much.

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Sorry to hear about Sasha; she will always be with you. True… […]. Great post.

How My Dog, Sierra, Taught Me More About Life And Happiness Than Any Rock Star Or CEO

We lost our year old Lab-mix Sasha a few months ago and this brings back very good memories. Thank you! My heart goes out to you. OK…tears and blubbering here. Is it because my own loss is so recent and ache-y? You really seem to channel the wisdom of not only all dogs, but your own special relationship with a golden — one of the most loyal and affable breeds. Thank you for this. Peace and comfort to you. So sorry to hear about Sasha!

That was a beautiful tribute though. I laughed, cried and then wrote a check to the human society! I was 43 at the time. My wife drove me as I held him wrapped in a blanket in my arms. She waited in the car for us. A year later after considerable searching I brought home a brother and sister Westies , Rocky and Rosie.

Some folks asked me how I could put myself and my wife through the same potential heartache again, but as your story shows — because they make me better. And I like to think I do the same for them. This was the most touching tribute to your trusted friend — sharing her.

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Super Black Lab. Simply wonderful.

Unconditional love, carpe diem, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Misty, his mate, is so very quiet without him. Thanks for the excellent read. Although, I had a few more tears for Max. Loved your post. So why not try to give trust and commitment first, and see what happens? Of course this probably works better for personal relationships than business ones, but you could imagine trying it in business too, after doing due diligence about, say, a new supplier or partner. Once you decide to trust someone, do it full-out. Olivier, Thanks for sharing that wonderful post.

They teach us all something new every day. Many happy memories for you I expect, once the misssing gets a little less. Olivier, that was so touching. I respect your respect for life. As I read, tears fell, but I know you will be together again one day.