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You are responsible for your behavior. Let God handle the results. When God created a woman to walk with Adam in life, He didn't make a mama. He created a wife. If blood is thicker than water, are you willing to let the blood of Christ make you family? Leaving and cleaving. It's a commandment, not a suggestion. A note to boy mamas: He was yours to raise, but never to keep! Hey Boy Mama!

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God never meant for you to be the most important woman in his life. That spot belongs to his wife! When we use ourselves as the measuring stick, the whole world comes up short! Celebrate differences! Different is not wrong.

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It's just different. I fell in love fast and hard. Within a month, we eloped and moved away.

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Over the next 14yrs, I had two more children, we moved constantly military built an unstable life together filled with adventure, hope, and fear. I was abused and trapped. The end of I sought out therapy. Started taking medication and better care of myself. This was a threat to my narcissistic husband and to my surprise, things became much worse.

I sought out friends and family that I was disconnected from and realized horrible things about my situation. I was ready to leave him. Then, I was contacted by a woman he had an affair with ten years ago. She had a son two weeks older my youngest daughter he paid her to keep him a secret. Things got worse once the secret came out and I left him.

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I live near my brother and my dad. I have a PPO against my husband. My story to them is a threat to comfort. I have friends but none of them live in this state.

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Honestly, I find it hard to connect with anyone near me. Like a black sheep. I feel like, with everything it may be impossible for me.

I am going to school and struggling to understand how to be an adult…since no one taught me how. While being a single mother of three and feeling sorrow constantly. But I am slowly finding my way. The hero I always wanted, I now want to be. I may never be saved but maybe I can help save others. Starting with my self and my daughters. Jasmine, thank you so much for your honest and vulnerable share. I am very lonely and sad, this post resonated with me so much.

Survival: A Chance or Choice? Essay

Your posts are the only help in my life. Your email address will not be published. However you found this blog, I'm so glad you're here. I've been writing about a variety of mental health topics every two weeks for over four years now, so there's quite a bit of content here! I invite you to explore my blog post categories and archives below for the topics that resonate with you the most right now. Thank you for taking the time to read my words. I hope they feel helpful. Call or text to book your first session: 0 Items. An other. What is a second chance family-of-choice? Why a second chance family-of-choice is so incredibly important.

Life is short. We deserve to live it well. The paradoxical simplicity and complexity of cultivating a second chance family-of-choice. Not rocket science, is it?

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This is the hard news. But the good news? It is so, so worth it. An important reminder. Wrapping up. These questions and prompts are designed to help you think about what a second chance family-of-choice might mean for you and how you might cultivate one: Growing up, did you feel like an outsider, an other, or unwanted or mistreated by your family-of-origin?

He was an early supporter of OneFamily, as well as many other Jewish and education-related causes. Goldberg says that the family wanted a way to honor her father every year and a camp felt like the right choice. The organization provides help to some 2, families throughout Israel, rehabilitating people who have been directly affected by terrorist attacks and the families of those victims.

That includes therapy, group support and financial support. OneFamily sponsors three camps a year.