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But archaeologists have uncovered a document from the Judean desert that spells the name precisely this way. Another objection comes from those who say Revelation was written in Greek—not Hebrew.

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Another danger is to fixate on this text apart from its context in the rest of Revelation. Thus, some who rightly warn of end-time deception unfortunately issue a blanket condemnation of all signs and wonders. But this is an inconsistent application of the text. Signs by themselves can be positive or negative; what enables us to discern true prophets from false ones is not to discard prophets altogether, but to evaluate them by their moral character.

The point is that we know them by their message and their fruit, not by their gifts Deut. Additionally, some have associated restraint from buying and selling with a sophisticated banking system. In fact, a mid-third-century emperor demanded certificates of sacrifice to the emperor to participate in commerce and escape prosecution; he likely sought to eradicate Christians. Many Christians compromised by bribing officials or by using other practices; some preferred death and were accordingly executed. To withdraw from an economic system permeated with imperial worship—even to withdraw from trade guilds, whose meetings included meat offered to idols—was in many cities economic suicide.

Mark Of The Beast

Well-to-do Jewish communities in cities like Sardis had much to lose by boycotting the system, and Christian merchants as a smaller minority would lose even more. Under other circumstances, a blockade preventing some from buying and selling could lead to their starvation 1 Macc. Many prophecy teachers have speculated on how the Antichrist will install a literal mark, noting correctly that computer technology exists that can do so.

That some future Antichrist may seek to use a mark is possible, especially if he or she acts in direct defiance of the book of Revelation. If Christ is Lord of our lives, we must graciously part company with much of what our contemporaries value, not only morally but recreationally and in other respects—misfits in our culture though we may appear.

Prophecy teachers have forced many names to come to Some sixteenth-century interpreters came up with either the Pope or Martin Luther, depending on which side of the Reformation debate they stood on.


And why not? They may have been wrong that Christ would return in their generation, but each generation had a right to expect him. From the standpoint of their own experience of martyrdom, many Christians have been engaged in their own final struggle with the forces of Antichrist see Luke ; 1 John When Stalin, for instance, murdered ten to thirty million people in seventeen years, we would have undoubtedly thought him the final Antichrist had we lived in the Ukraine—and we could have been right, God willing.

In a future holocaust we will probably think its perpetrator the final Antichrist—and we may be right. But if history surprises us once more, we will be reminded of how the mystery of lawlessness continues its hideous incarnations until the end.

1. Who is this beast who requires a mark?

Additionally, Satan does not know when Jesus will return Mark and must always have an antichrist in waiting. Billy Graham imagines a situation in which a Christian in the ancient world is offered freedom if he or she will simply engage in a ritual act of offering incense to Caesar. Who would be so stubborn as to choose suffering over such a simple act?

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Click on the chapters one by one as you read them. Today He writes his laws by his Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds and gives us the power to do what he tells us by this same Holy Spirit.

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In less modern times, most people could not even read. Even now many people are illiterate. Written laws have to be translated and interpreted. Having proof that one is officially associated in some way with the Beast will be necessary for one to be allowed to engage in the commerce. Skip to main content. How will the mark of the beast affect people as the time of the end draws near?

What do Bible prophecies of the future mean?